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8 luxury property design trends in Spain

Living in a glass tower is like going shopping next door in Ferrari: some would say, it’s too much of extravagance; others would see it as being “trendy” and move with the times. Spanish people are romantic luxury lovers; they understand exactly what “Carpe Diem” means and do not care about little inconveniences of those fancy whims.

“Made in Spain” villas have recently become winners of the most prestigious awards for innovative design - and it happens for a reason! Let’s have a look at the most impressive things made by Spanish creative designers.

  • “Glass towers”. Houses made from glass have become popular since the previous century due to Philip Johnson's architectural talent, and have been thrilling lovers of huge open spaces since then. It is hard to imagine a glass villa somewhere in Moscow’s suburbs or Rio’s favelas but Spain is one of the places where these works of construction art really fit in. Modern Spanish resorts feature lots of villas with panoramic windows instead of walls, with a roof looking like a cabriolet hatchway, or transparent tinted balconies. These houses look like Zen gardens and can boast not only amazing views but also a charming atmosphere of being one with nature. Special armour-coated glass and innovative smart alarm systems make it absolutely safe to live “behind the glass”.
  • A medieval atmosphere with modern content. The new generation of designers are really into the concept of “Reconstruct, don’t deconstruct”. You would never say, looking at ancient villas lost in a Spanish province with ivy winding around, that they are fully equipped with ultra-modern high-tech smart systems and devices. Careful restoration and use of contrasts are the key features of this type of property. Architects always do their best to keep all the typical characteristics of Spanish houses - massive ceiling beams, rough stone walls, dark wood finish - and at the same time use basic minimalism materials, such as glass, metal and plastic, and make it a modern innovative place with built-in furniture and smart devices. Here you can find estates and castles for sale.
  • Open spaces. Minimalism and functionality are the most popular trends of modern interior design. Household appliances are built in furniture, wardrobes and baths are hidden in closets. Open space of dining room, kitchen and salon come into the picture. “Daytime” and “nighttime” zones are connected. This interior is convenient both for big spaces where everything becomes near and always available and for small rooms where it visually expand the boundaries. Open space fashion make glass telescoping doors especially popular. They separate spaces gently, without ruining the airiness of natural daylight that always fills houses in Spain.
  • Private wine cellar. Gone are those days when having a private wine cellar was luxury that only a few individuals could afford. Today every earnest villa is equipped with at least a mini wine cellar, “bodega” in Spanish. If you’re lucky you can find and buy an estate with vineyards and bodega already prepared, but it is easy enough to arrange your wine cellar by yourself. You only need to know a few simple rules. In an ideal world, a wine cellar should be located in the north of the house, far from all possible drafts, not to bother your precious bottles. From this point of view, the best place to arrange a wine tasting room is inside the cellar or near it. It will be a perfect place for a true collector to enjoy a bottle of delicious champagne among friends in the half-light and tranquility of the cellar.
  • Solar cell batteries. Practical eco-friendly solar batteries are getting more and more popular. In Spain the sun shines more than 320 days a year, that is why the country is one of the leaders in solar energy production. Thrifty Spanish people know that they can save up to 95% on the bills, using the great luminary for their everyday needs. Modern mini power plants can heat water, buildings and light gardens. These lamps and torches are very easy to install. They accumulate light during the daytime and work for more than 8 hours, providing your garden, chill-out zone, staircase or swimming pool with night lights.
  • Eco-friendly vegetable garden. Today’s fashion for eco-friendly and sensible eating makes arranging vegetable gardens very popular even in big cities. It is not surprising anymore to see Spanish people happily sweating over their veggie gardens, taking care of broccoli and spinach. Veggie gardens are everywhere, from modern backyards of Barcelona to fashionable terraces in Marbella port. Needless to say, everyone should have at least a small stand of aromatic herbs, and if you are a lucky owner of a villa with green land around, it is only fair to arrange an uninterrupted production of fresh vegetables and fruits. You can find the latest offers of properties with vegetable gardens here.
  • Ponds inside apartments and houses. People who have to live in a megapolis and keep up with the rapid pace of modern life are eager to transfer the delights of idyllic country life to their urban nest. Modern hedonists are no longer satisfied with jacuzzi; there are more and more apartments with swimming pools and even spa inside. What can be more relaxing and refreshing than having a swim in your own pool inside your apartment? Imagine jumping into the pool as soon as you arrive home. You can purchase a house with a pool inside or create your own design and invite professionals to implement it.
  • Creative swimming pools. It is worth noting that classic blue swimming pools have long been reserved for the pages of time. Apart from ever popular “infiniti”, distinct straight lines, dark colours, 3D effect and various simulations are getting more and more trendy. Minimalistic forms are balanced by fancy waterfalls, cascades and streams, whereas the wall and floor texture imitate natural or quartz sand. It is common to have not a very deep pool to save water and make it easy to clean. The depth of some swimming pools can be changed with a mobile application in order to accommodate different requirements - swimming for children or winter standstill. Find the best houses with swimming pools here.
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