Translation services

Translations of any complexity, support in negotiations and real estate transactions, sworn translations — all performed by high-class specialists.

Oral simultaneous and consecutive translations of any complexity and accompaniment (business negotiations, doctor's visit, choice of real estate, excursions, etc.)

Translation of documents required for obtaining visas or residence permit (certificates from the bank, certificates of income, property certificates, tax returns, certificates of criminal records, diplomas, driving licenses, etc.)

A special translation performed by a sworn translator, accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain, for example, when opening a bank account.

Translation of documentation that does not require notarization (notices from the mayor's office, utilities, tax authorities, insurance company, correspondence with the bank, etc.)

Any translations from high-class specialists

When moving to another country, many people almost immediately encounter a language barrier problem. Not knowing a foreign language in perfection, it is difficult to conduct both business and friendly communication. The question is especially acute when it comes to such important issues as the conduct of business negotiations, the choice of real estate, the study of documents, the resolution of property or tax issues - where your reputation, security and income depend on the correct translation.

The pricelist for the services of our translators in Spain can be downloaded here.

Barcelona Realty Group offers a number of advantages:

  • We work only with qualified and official sworn translators, accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain.
  • For each order, we select a specialist specializing in working with texts of a specific subject (technical, legal, medical, etc.), so the translation is carried out qualitatively and in the shortest possible time.
  • Our team is experienced professionals who have lived in Spain for a long time and are well acquainted with the culture, customs, dialects and specifics of negotiating in the country, so the whole process will be more productive and faster.
  • Count on the help of a professional from a domestic company - more convenient, practical and economical. The cost of interpreter services will be lower, the level of your comfort and calmness is incomparably higher.
  • With the help of an interpreter, you will feel more confident and will be able to solve any problems in a foreign country without risking your reputation and image of the company.