Legal services

Assistance is provided by a team of lawyers accredited by the Barcelona Bar Association, who have many years of experience and are sensitive to changes in current legislation in Spain.

Buy and sell

Opening of a company in a short period of 1 month

Management of contracts and agreements

Notarization of the transaction

Services for companies

Protection of civil rights

Agency Barcelona Realty Group dedicates to providing services related to the resolution of all legal problems at the best possible price. 

Our legal services cover the following areas:

  • Buy and sell.
    Management of any transaction, from the sale of the vehicle to the purchase of commercial real estate. Our lawyers supervise the implementation of the agreements, verify the authenticity of the document and ensure that the transaction is as successful and safe as possible.
  • Opening of a company in a short period of 1 month.
    When creating a company, the key point is the competent compilation of documents and constitutive contracts, the verification of compliance with the regulations and the proper constitution procedure itself. Our experts will help you avoid mistakes when doing business in Spain.
  • Management of contracts and agreements.
    Qualified specialists compile the texts of the agreements that correspond to the objectives, whether buying or selling, leasing, insurance and education programs. The legal assistance also implies an analysis or a contractual scheme to minimize the possible risks in Spain.
  • Notarization of the transaction.
    The notorization of the contract is a key step in buying/selling real estate, because only this confirms its legitimacy and gives “green light” to the transfer of ownership. We recommend entrusting the preparation of all the documents, even for the approval of a notarial procedure to the professionals.
  • Services for companies.
    Preparation, verification and analysis of all company documentation, transaction support and representation of interests in negotiations or administrative bodies.
  • Protection of civil rights.
    Civil cases are related to the resolution of conflicts of the broader profile (housing, plot, work, etc.). Guided by the established jurisprudence, the company's lawyers will analyze the situation and offer an objective evaluation of the perspectives.

Legal support of Barcelona Realty Group has a number of undoubted advantages:

  • The lawyers perfectly understand the questions and doubts that may arise, so it is not necessary to explain the situation repeatedly, wasting time and money.
  • We offer supervision of your case by the team of experts specializing in international law and are familiar with the litigation mechanism when dealing with a law enforcement system of several countries. Whatever the situation you find, they will help you solve it by choosing the most optimal levers of influence.
  • Quality and efficiency are our priorities. Forget the eternal “siestas” of the elusive lawyers: we can always consult by phone or email and we will provide you a detailed response on time.

If you want to move quickly and easily to Spain, obtain a residence permit, invest money, buy a house and at the same time get honest, timely and qualified advice, use the help of Barcelona Realty Group. We will take care of all the problems associated with the legal problems of your stay in this country. To obtain information about the cost of legal services in Spain and for an approximate price calculation, call +34 930 10 73 21,  +34 692 02 74 16 or +34 615 98 13 04.